The 3-floor-mindset

If you are a person who cares deeply about building beautiful products that delights customers, then using the 3-floors-mindset will help you become the creative product leader your team deserves.

So we’re on the same page, what is creativity and who is a product leader?

Creativity: for some reason people attribute creativity to designer or artists but really creativity is just the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking to develop new and original ideas. It’s available to all of us.

Product leader: anyone who is a proponent for building products customers will love and isn’t willing to ship junk…

After another disappointment at the rowing world championships in 1998, something had to change for the Great Britain mens rowing team. Last time the GB Men’s Eight won an Olympics gold medal was in Stockholm 1912. If they continued to do what they had always done, they would continue to get what they had always gotten.

Credit: Peter Spurrier

Then something changed. Preparing for the 2000 Olympics, they tried a new approach. The team developed a new strategy and went from being average to gold medalists in the Sydney Olympics 2000.

Within their one simple strategy, there lay many critical elements to success…

Give people a problem to solve

“We´re going to be innovate this year”

“Our top priority for the coming year is to innovate more”

“We have increased our budget to spend on innovation this year”

Innovation I feel is one of those icky topics these days that everyone is talking about and seemingly it is the #1 priority in most companies, yet I fear most don´t understand what it really entails.

The way I approach this type of topic is to ask myself what I don’t fully get — I look for foggy spots in my knowledge and read all I can until my brain is…

A company that doesn´t fall of the life balance beam.

This is a foreword to a mini series on how to build a company that survives ravages of time.

Companies are complex adaptive systems with many intricate parts, that are required to work in symphony, and when they fail to do so, can be detrimental to the livelihood of the said company.

In some ways companies are a bit like us humans. They are born as small entities and they have the potential to grow.

For human to grow, they require surplus metabolic energy (calories we consume); this is the difference between the total metabolic energy minus the energy we…

Online marketplaces and platforms have grown substantially and online purchases of goods and services in 2019 accounted for an estimated total of 1.92 billion.

Technology today has become democratised to an extent where it is no longer the differentiator. People rarely need write code or algorithms from the ground up — for much is easily available via open source repositories that can be duplicated or branched. The thing that is difficult to replicate is the experience marketplaces can provide to its customers.

Marketplaces that will succeed in this decade won´t be the ones with the latest or shiny technology, but…

In the previous post The Simplest Explanation to Outcome and Feature Teams, I tried to explain the difference between the two.

We got to know the two characters of our story: Delivery Dan and Experimenting Eve. Additionally, we learnt that consumer products require a different way of working. Releasing new features does not necessarily increase value for the customers. New features can actually make the product more complicated than before and customers might even struggle to use the product.

Now suppose both Dan and Eve started working for product teams.

Delivery Dan will care about delivering features (feature teams)📦🚚


There is a lot of talk about being an outcome team or a feature team in product companies these days. But what does that mean, which one is better and why should you care?

First, let me start by trying to explain the difference between the two from my own experience in a completely different environment to product development.

A couple of years ago I moved to Oslo from London. …

I can say this on behalf of almost everyone, by the time the credits roll at the end of the movie or TV show, we leave or switch to something else. Never quite appreciating the village of people involved in making that movie or TV show.

After I finished watching Stranger Things, they had created spotlights on various aspects on how the show was made which I recommend you watch. They focused on design, character choice, director, special effects, camera angles, photography; however, what was central to all the spotlights was the vision and story presented by the writers and…

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

“Great companies are built on great products” — Elon Musk

The hard truth about start-ups or start-ins: the journey from the initial product idea to market success is riddled with uncertainty. You feel like you’re walking in dark room of unknown dimensions. Every now and then, a light goes on and guides you forward. Not quite a floodlight that illuminates your path, but a spotlight that provides the much-needed comfort and some direction. …

I have recently moved back to London, and need to commute to the office every day.

Having a car is exciting — I will have more control, I will be able to leave home as I please, and use it as much as I want so long as I remember to fill it with fuel.

Varun Mittal

Sometimes I write about things. Product Manager

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