#6 The first rule of innovation is: you don´t talk about innovation

Give people a problem to solve

1. What is innovation?

2. Why innovation happens?

3. How innovation happens?

Part 1 — What is innovation

Earth grid
Latitude and longitude
Source: Google doodle

Longitude = (Local time — Greenwich time) X 15degrees

(15 degrees of longitude = 1 hour difference; 1 degree longitude = 4 minutes difference.)

  • Iphone — passes the test over the antiquated Blackberries and Nokias.
  • Iphone 12 Pro — doesn´t pass the test. It had some new features and functionality but nothing revolutionary compared to the status quo.

Part 2 — Why innovation happens


Uncontrolled longing for increase in material gain; or social value, such as status, or power. In a capitalist world, the more value you create for others, the more you are able to charge for it. So company executive will strive to create better products and services in order to optimise, which just means making as much money as they possibly can.


Whilst greed can lead to incremental progress, if you really want to move the needle (10X improvements), you need ambition — the desire and determination to achieve something. Reasons for this kind of ambition can vary — it could be the desire to be famous and renowned, to leave one’s mark. Or the pure confidence in oneself to change the world because the status quo frustrates the hell out of you.

Part 3 — How innovation happens

A Problem to solve

Simply put, what is that thing that you want to find a solution for.

  • #1 Why do you exist
  • #2 Bold leaders double down
  • #3 Do you know your competitors
  • #4 Short-term money dilemma
  • #5 The right way to increase your company´s worth
  • #6 The first rule of innovation is: you don´t talk about innovation
  • #7 How to align your entire team and empower them
  • #8 Company-centric metrics vs user-centric metrics
  • #9 Build teams that help customers make progress
  • #10 How to escape when you´re stuck in a rut

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